Cycle Syncing food and Cycle Syncing Workouts

May 21, 2021
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For years I've struggled with painful periods, irregular cycles, cramping, bloating, moodiness, fatigue! These symptoms would amplify around the time I was about to get my period.

And the craziest thing is I used to think it’s NORMAL!!! It took me years to realize that, in fact, that was a sign of hormonal imbalance, my body was consistently sending me messages that something is wrong.

It wasn’t until I discovered the concept of cycle syncing that it all changed for me.

The concept of cycle syncing is going popular and rightfully so because cycle syncing could be the answer to so many women’s hormonal issues.

As humans, we are quite rhythmical in nature and we have our circadian rhythm which is our 24-hour clock that regulates our sleep and wake cycles, it is also responsible for regulating digestion, metabolism, body temperature, and sleep. 

If the circadian rhythm is disrupted, for example, we have elevated temperature for more than a day, we ring the alarm bells and immediately call the doctor to get that sorted.

As females, we have a whole other rhythm! And that rhythm is called the Infradian rhythm, it kicks in at puberty and takes us all the way to menopause, it operates on a 28-day cycle timeline. Throughout those 28 days, our hormones fluctuate quite significantly. The infraidan rhythm also governs 6 key system within your body: brain, metabolism, immune system, microbiome, stress response and reproductive system.

So for women, it’s a VERY important clock that needs to be taken care of. When we neglect our female biology we begin to see all sorts of hormonal imbalances surface.

Cycle syncing is the answer for living in sync with the Infrafian rhythm. Cycle syncing is adapting your lifestyle, food, physical activities with the fluctuation hormones.

We have four distinct four phases within our cycle - follicular, ovulatory, luteal, and menstrual. Each phase has a specific hormonal potion and requires specific food, exercise and lifestyle adjustment for optimizing our biology. As females, our bodies are not the same throughout the month, nor are our caloric needs or energy levels.

Having adopted the principles, my life quite literally shifted:

  • I began to naturally lose weight
  • PMS disappeared
  • Periods began to arrive so gently I wouldn’t even notice
  • My productivity sky-rocketed 
  • My energy increased
  • I eliminated ravings
  • My relationships improved
  • My libido increased

Even my nails got stronger!!

Most importantly, I began to accept and love myself, I felt aligned, balanced and energetic.

This is no “magic” but rather functional, integrative, scientific and evidence-based approach to healing hormonal imbalances and gaining vitality!



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