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It’s time to get to the bottom of your symptoms, so you can feel like YOU again.

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Hi, I’m Dinara!

Did you know that 85% of women suffer from hormonal imbalances ranging from painful periods, migraines, fatigue, weight issues, gut/digestive issues and mood swings?

I was one of those women. I am willing to guess you are too.

For a long time we thought that “women were small men”, that we need similar care just in a smaller size. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re built differently. Our hormones fluctuate differently and we need to support our bodies differently. 

Yet "HOW" was the missing piece when I was struggling with my health.

It was through understanding how to nourish my female body, balancing my hormones and understanding my menstrual cycle - I transformed my health. I am passionate about helping women and I recently shared my message on the TEDx stage.

Today I help women globally balance hormones, have more energy and feel good in their body

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