Do you want to balance your hormones so you can wake up each morning ready to face the day with energy and body confidence?  

If you want to regulate your cycles, fix your cravings, lose weight, increase your energy yet don’t know where to even begin - grab your free Hormone Imbalance Quiz to help start your journey

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Who Am I?

I am Dinara, Certified Women’s Health Coach and TEDx speaker. 


Having struggled with seemingly unrelated symptoms of period pain, stubborn weight gain and low energy and not getting answers from the doctors I embarked on my own health journey.
What I have discovered is that I didn’t actually know how my female body works and what it goes through on a monthly basis, how I am meant to nourish my body so it can thrive. And that ignited the passion within - I switched careers and dedicated myself to helping women understand and feel empowered in their bodies. 
If you feel at a loss as to how to begin to care for your body, regulate your cycles, lose weight and increase your energy - I put together this test specifically for you. I know the feeling of being overwhelmed with information to the point where it becomes hard to take action. 
The way to balance your hormones is to understand what actually causes it, so you can address it once and for all. Your health is your most valuable asset! When you have the energy and feel good in your body - there is nothing you can’t achieve!

Three BIG REASONS why you will LOVE this Quiz 


You struggling with many symptoms and want to  pinpoint what’s causing it


You aren't exactly sure what hormones you actually need to pay attention to


You are ready to get to the bottom of this and thrive in your body