How to balance Feminine and Masculine Energy to Optimize your cycle and Reclaim your power

Jul 27, 2023
feminine energy, masculine energy

The topic of Feminine and Masculine energy within us has always been interesting to me...


Both men and women have those energies within us, one is not better than the other.

It's about combining both of those energies within us. 

While we predominantly express our feminine essence, the masculine aspects are also an integral part of who we are. By understanding and working with these two energies, we can find greater balance, fulfilment, and power in our lives.


Let's dive into what is feminine energy:


Our feminine energy is our inner source. It's the receptive, nurturing, intuitive part of ourselves. It's the flow of creativity, connection, and emotions within us. When we engage with our feminine energy, we open to inspiration, go with the flow, and tap into our inner wisdom.

As women it's important that we make time and space to connect deeply with this part of ourselves. Our feminine energy is a wellspring for renewal. Taking moments through the day to turn our attention inwards and tune into our intuition, emotions, and desires allows our feminine essence to flourish.


How to enhance feminine energy:


Practices like journaling, meditation, time in nature, self-care rituals, and creative expression all help us tap into our feminine flow. When we honour this energy, we begin to trust our instincts more, handle challenges with grace, and attract the people and opportunities aligned for us.


Let's dive into what is masculine energy:


While the feminine energy turns inward, the masculine energy turns outward. Our inner masculine energy propels us to take action, focus, accomplish goals, and persist through difficulty. It gives us direction and drive.

As women, we often minimise our masculine energy due to social conditioning that rewarded traditionally feminine traits. However, truly embracing our wholeness involves recognising the immense power of our inner masculine. When balanced with our feminine flow, our masculine helps us assert our needs, pursue our dreams, and create positive change.


How to enhance feminine energy:


We can cultivate our inner masculine energy by taking on challenges, pushing past our comfort zone, speaking up unapologetically, and going after what we want. Setting ambitious goals and taking determined action taps us into this vital yang force within.


Rather than swing between overly passive and aggressive, we can find balance by learning to activate either our feminine or masculine as each situation calls for it. We have both energies within us. The dance between the two is key.

Since masculine and feminine energy are so present in our physical bodies, we can also harness the wisdom of our menstrual cycle to maximise our energy and flow.

Cycle syncing means aligning certain activities and practices with the different phases of our cycle for optimal wellbeing and performance.

Our cycle is a microcosm of life’s energetic ebbs and flows. By syncing our rhythms with this innate cycle, we thrive holistically.


How to harness feminine and masculine energy with your cycle


We can tap into heightened inspiration pre-ovulation when our feminine energy peaks, heightened productivity during ovulation when our masculine energy lowers, heightened intuition during the pre-menstrual phase when our inward focus deepens, and heightened restoration during menstruation when our energy turns quiet.


Here are some examples of cycle syncing:

- Pre-ovulation - Ideal for creative projects, socialising, fertility
- Ovulation - Ideal for challenging tasks, physical activity, risk-taking
- Pre-menstrual - Ideal for rest, mindfulness, introspection
- Menstruation - Ideal for renewal, relaxation, slowing down


We each have a unique bio-rhythm. Tuning into the monthly phases of our cycle and syncing activities accordingly allows us to perform optimally while also honouring the natural cycles of our body.


Own your power


When we learn to balance our inner feminine and masculine energies and adapt to the natural rhythms of our cycle, we step more fully into our power as women. We find inner harmony and outer effectiveness.

By playing with this inner dance of energies, we can navigate life's challenges with responsive fluidity rather than being reactive.

We can soften into our feminine heartfulness while also asserting our voice and chasing our goals with masculine clarity of purpose.

Most importantly, we can own our desires and pursue our dreams with aligned action.


  • Our feminine essence fuels our aspirations through joyful inspiration.
  • Our masculine essence empowers their realisation through unwavering determination.

And that is the balance of both I'm talking about.


By understanding and supporting our feminine cycles, and learning to activate either our inner feminine or masculine as needed, we step into the fullness of who we are - as empowered, intuitive, driven, nurturing, and wildly creative women. We become the authors of our lives.


The energies within us each hold vital power.

Together they make us unstoppable. 


When it comes to having balanced health and calm mind I work both with the physical body - proper nutrition, movement, targeted lifestyle changes that fit your life and I also work with re-activating the dance of feminine and masculine energies, implementing mindset work and calming the nervous system. I am a believer that health is holistic, it's less about treating the symptoms, and it's about treating the person.

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