Are you suffering from PMS Migraines?

May 04, 2021
hormonal migraines and headaches

I recently had a conversation with a woman who was suffering from really painful migraines just before her period, she would have to make a medical cocktail of pills in order to soothe the pain. Having tried everything, she was at a loss…

What she was experiencing is not uncommon. 43% of women will experience at least one migraine in their lifetime. Women are twice as likely to experience migraines than men. 

For the most part, headaches are a sign of hormonal imbalance. The most common reason is estrogen dominance but it can also indicate an imbalance in other hormones such as cortisol thyroid, as well as nutrient deficiency.

PMS headaches are typically triggered by a drop in estrogen which typically happens few days before ovulation. Typically women would feel the headaches 2 days prior to their period and or in the first 3 days of their period.

It’s important to address estrogen dominance through an anti-inflammatory diet rich in cruciferous vegetables, exercise and stay away from estrogen disrupting chemicals that can be found in some cleaning products and make-up. Make sure to download the “Think Dirty” app where you can easily scan a barcode of a product and it will tell you whether the product is clean.

Some natural remedies that are helpful for headaches are Vitamin B2, Magnesium, Turmeric, Ginger, Omega 3 oils (make sure to consult your health professional when it comes to supplements).

If headaches or other symptoms bother you, make sure to book a 1:1 consultation call with me here and together we will build a plan for how to fix it.



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